Chemical Peel FAQs

How much downtime is involved in a chemical peel?

Depending on the depth and intensity of the peel, some peels may require little to no downtime. Superficial peels often have minimal side effects and allow you to resume normal activities immediately.

Will you always peel after a TCA?

Peeling of the skin can sometimes happen after a chemical peel, but it doesn’t always occur. Your likelihood of peeling depends on the concentration of the acid and the type of acid used, as well as how long the solution is left on for and the amount of solution applied.

How often can you get a TCA peel?

TCA peels can be applied every 4-6 weeks, depending on your skin type and its condition.

Can you see results after 1 peel?

Yes, many people see a significant improvement in the appearance of their skin tone and texture in as little as one treatment. This is because a peel acts as an exfoliant, which drastically improved the appearance of your skin.

How long do the results last?

The results from a light peel last between one and two months. For medium peels the results will last between two and six months, and the results of a deep peel are apparent for years.

How painful is a TCA Peel?

A light chemical peel will give a light burning, tingling sensation, and this discomfort subsides once the peel is neutralised. We also provide a fan which you can hold up close and helps reduce discomfort during the process.

Do TCA Peels make you look younger?

The TCA peel can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun spots and freckles, and help your body shed the upper, damaged layers of skin. This allows a newer, blemish-free skin to be revealed, which looks and feels fresher and healthier.

How should I prepare my face for a TCA peel?

Do not exfoliate for at least 1 week beforehand, as a chemical peel is an in-depth exfoliation. Also avoid the sun and wear sunscreen if you go outside. Stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturised too.

Why does the skin turn brown after a TCA peel?

This darkening is caused by the healing process and is only temporary.

How long does it take to heal from a 30% TCA peel?

After the procedure you will need some downtime. For a medium depth peel it will typically need 7-14 days, and up to three weeks for deep peels. You will also need to use SPF 30 or more in the sun for a few months.

Can I wear makeup after a TCA peel?

We recommend that you wait at least 72 hours after your peel.

What if my skin does not peel after the treatment?

Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean it is not working. The healing process varies from person to person.

Can I combine peels and microneedling?

You can alternate between them, with approximately a month in between to deliver the best results. Emergency medicine for TCA: 1. Erythromycin – anti-inflammatory ointment 2. Normal saline 3. Mupirocin ointment


Microneedling FAQs

Does microneedling hurt?

Before the procedure, a topical numbing cream can be applied to the treatment area to help minimise any potential discomfort. This numbing cream helps to numb the skin, making the microneedling process more comfortable. After the procedure, some redness and mild sensitivity may occur, similar to a mild sunburn. These effects usually subside within a few days as the skin heals.

How painful is microneedling?

You may feel pressure or a sensation similar to scratching during your procedure, but you should not feel any pain. If you do experience any discomfort it is likely to happen on the bony areas such as the forehead, jawline, and hairline.

How often should I have microneedling?

It can safely be done once every 4-6 weeks.

Is a microneedling pen better than a derma roller?

Instead of manually moving a roller across the surface of the skin, a microneedling pen is motorised, which offers more precision. This means the areas of the skin that are needled are more controlled and can be targeting much more specifically.

Can microneedling go wrong?

It is very rare anything will go wrong if the proper steps are taken. However, there can be issues like infections, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and bruising. In order to minimise this aftercare should be followed.

What not to do after microneedling?

Avoid activities that will heat your skin, and avoid strenuous exercise for 2 days after the treatment. For the first few days use a gentle cleanser and moisturise for one week. Also avoid picking at the skin or any scrubbing, rubbing, or exfoliant for at least a week after.

How long does it take the skin to heal?

Healing from microneedling takes around 24 hours. It sometimes takes two or three days depending on the extent of the treatment. You will usually be able to return to work immediately after treatment, and you can wear makeup within 24 hours.

Should I put anything on my face after microneedling?

It is beneficial to use coconut oil or hyaluronic acid serum after the treatment, from days one to fourteen. This hydrates and replenishes the skin. Wait a few days after the treatment and then apply hyaluronic acid with toners, moisturiser, and a base of green tea extract, vitamin E, kiwi oil, and linseed oil to the skin.

Can you see results after one microneedling?

Your skin will appear brighter and fresher. For truly long-lasting results it is better to have four to six sessions. For clients with deep wrinkles or set-in age lines, results may take several weeks.

How do I know if microneedling has worked?

The initial skin tightening and pore reduction can be seen immediately. However the final results won’t be visible for four to six weeks after the treatment.

What will my skin look like after microneedling?

Most clients experience some redness, like sunburn, immediately after treatment for one or two days. There will also be some areas of bronzing where the skin will darken and dry, before shedding to reveal a dewy, glowing complexion!

Is microneedling better than dermal fillers?

Neurodermulators are recommended only with severe wrinkles and fine lines. Microneedling is a better option for people who have aesthetic concerns caused by reduced collagen, sun damage and pigmentation, for example.

How do I prepare my skin for microneedling?

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and do not wear any lotion, perfume, or serums before your appointment. Please also remove all makeup. Do not use any abrasive skincare products, like exfoliators and avoid UV exposure from direct sunlight or sunbeds for five days beforehand.