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Our Beauty Courses

We believe that makeup is an art form that empowers individuals to enhance their natural beauty and express their creativity. If you're passionate about makeup and dream of becoming a professional makeup artist, our makeup courses are designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue a successful career in the industry. We also offer comprehensive makeup courses in Bradford for a wide range of students.

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Hairstyling courses

We offer all types of hairstyling course with the option for 1, 2, and 3 day courses to match your budget and requirements.

These courses provide everything you need to become a professional hairstylist, including how to use styling equipment, such as curlers, straighteners, hair padding, hair pieces, and a wide range of different products.

We will also teach you how to perform up-dos, and teach you through the full details you need to create one particular hairstyle to perfection.


Model with earrings
1 day hair
£200 (save £50, normally £250)


Model with updo
2 day hair
£300 (save £100, normally £400)


Model with long curly hair
3 day hair 
£400 (save £200, normally £600)






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Hair and Makeup courses

Led by experienced makeup artists, our comprehensive courses cover a wide range of topics, techniques, and industry insights. Whether you're interested in bridal makeup, editorial looks, special effects, or fashion runway trends, our courses will equip you with the fundamental techniques and advanced skills needed to excel in each area.

Each course offers 3 hairstyles per day, and 2 full makeup looks per day. The more days you partake in, the more looks you will learn.

With the Bridal course, you will also learn every aspect of bridal makeup. This is a more intricate makeup, and we shall teach you all the tricks and tips. You will also learn advanced skills, such as contouring, different eye shapes (hooded, uneven). The Bridal course also Includes a photoshoot (bring a model - all makeup is provided).

Upon completion of our makeup courses, you'll receive a certification that recognises your skills and expertise. This certification will not only give you a competitive edge in the industry but also demonstrate your commitment to professionalism and quality.

You are welcome to bring your own probs, clothes, jewellery and model/s as appropriate, however all props and makeup will be provided. 

Model with basic makeup
1 day makeup
£200 (save £50, normally £250)


Model with long curly hair and professional makeup
 2 day makeup
£300 (save £100, normally £400)


Woman with curly updo and makeup
3 day makeup
£400 (save £200, normally £600)






Model with curly hair and makeup

3 Day Hair & Makeup (Advanced)

£500 (save £250, Normally £750)

Bridal makeup and hair: A mini bridal makeup and hair course, taking you through the role you play from the client consultation through to applying makeup that's designed to be longer lasting, which requires different techniques, as well as creating a range of bold and dramatic bridal looks.

Celebrity makeup and hair: This makeup and hair course gives you the opportunity to recreate a celebrity look, and learn all the techniques and products, as well as chances to practise these techniques in great detail.




Asian bride with jewellery and makeup

Bridal Makeup and Hair Course

£750 (save £250, Normally £1000)

This course covers every aspect of bridal makeup, and how to create a wide range of bridal makeup looks for the big day. We will talk you through the different kinds of eye shadow techniques to create smoky, or ‘foxy' eyes, and enable you to make the best of all face shapes. We will also recommend the best products for each situation, as well as for specific skin types and looks you wish to create. You will learn classic and elegant bridal hair styles. You will then have a photoshoot on the final day where you chose any 3 looks you wish to re-create. You will also get 3 images, one from each look. Covers all levels.





Model with tulle dress


Pro Makeup Artistry Course

£1500  (save £500, normally £2000)

This is the complete Pro MUA course that will teach you every aspect of makeup, enabling you to work in any sector, be it TV, media, catwalk makeup, bridal, or fashion. Covers all levels.

You are welcome to bring your own props, clothes, jewellery and model/s as appropriate, however all props and makeup will be provided. 



Aspects of hair and makeup that you will learn:

 You will understand about the tools of the trade, and learn about different brushes
 How to wash, sanitise and care for your brushes and other makeup products
 How to conduct client consultations, contraindication tests and about client care
 How to match and mix foundations, correctors, concealers, and powders
 Foundation application and blending techniques
 Corrective and camouflage makeup
 Learn how to create a matte, bronze, glowy, or dewy skin
 Contour, highlight, blush and placement
 How to correct face shape, eye shape and lip
 Learn the techniques, tips and tricks to blend
 Learn classic eyeliner techniques
 Learn traditional, cat, kitten, foxy eyes, as well as cut-crease and halo eyes
 Learn colourful, glittery, brown, and black smoky
 You will be taught brow shaping techniques using various different products
 You will learn about lighting, taking pictures, making videos for social media platforms
 You will get a full starter
kit list

 You will be informed about how to get MUA

 You will be taught about the nude colour palette and how to choose the perfect nude lipstick and makeup for each skin tone
 You will also learn how to match the perfect red lips according to skin tone and colouring
 You will learn how to create the perfect matte red lip alongside how to create pouty ‘bee stung' lips
 Classes will cover theory, demonstration, and then you will re-create the look in a practical session
 You will then choose any three looks to recreate for
your photoshoot

  You will receive three complimentary digital images, one from each look





Aspects of hair and makeup course that we teach

By end of day 1 our students can achieve 1 full look completely, which will be of professional standard.

Model with yellow eyeshadow

Hair, makeup and combination

Black model with a white model

Different hair types

Woman with curly natural hair

Different skin types


Models with different skin tones

How to treat different skin types

Close up of models clear skin

How to prep ~

Model with straight hair

How to do makeup

Close up of model wearing red lipstick

Eyes, lips &





Why do a Hair/Beauty course?

  • Side income
  • Freedom to choose own hours
  • Expand existing knowledge
  • Learn from beginner to advanced level
  • Learn at own pace
  • Turn your passion into a career
  • Become a professional makeup artist

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